Session Border Controller, Border Elements


Border Elements: Session Border Controller

Border Elements is our Session Border Controller that performs typical SBC functions and acts as a bridge between WebRTC and the existing SIP world. Enterprises and Service Providers who use Border Elements leverage their existing SIP assets and still enjoy the benefits of WebRTC-enabled devices.

In addition to connecting WebRTC to SIP, Border Elements transcodes SRTP to RTP and to G.711 and G.729, and provides support for Presence and standard SBC security. Border Elements also includes an admin web interface.

Border Elements runs as a Windows Service and accesses a SQL Server database for making call routing decisions. For pricing and a free demonstration contact Inventive Labs sales directly at

Border Elements Features

    • Connects WebRTC to SIP
    • Software Based
    • Runs on Windows
    • Transcodes SRTP to RTP
    • Transcodes to G.711 and G.729
    • Presence for WebRTC
    • Standard SBC Security
    • Admin Web Interface
    • Virtual PBX
    • Great for Call Center Toll Bypass