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Voice Elements is our .NET toolkit for building IVR applications of all kinds. Choose your favorite Visual Studio language, build any IVR or voice application, then deploy on site via SIP or in the cloud. Voice Elements is FREE to try and is included in our Voice Elements Platform.

Voice Elements lets you quickly create virtually any automated telephone application using the .NET framework and skills you already have.

The best tool to develop with is one that you already know well. A typical Visual Studio programmer can easily learn the Voice Elements software and create professional voice applications. With call logging and intuitive integration into Visual Studio, using Voice Elements simply extends your capabilities to include telephony.

In addition to the Microsoft .NET Framework, Voice Elements supports speech recognition, text-to-speech, faxing, TDM Hardware, and our own complete SIP Deployment solution, Voice Elements Platform. Your voice solution can now be realized at a much faster pace with Voice Elements, with various deployment options providing affordable and quick opportunities to market.

"Your software is awesome. This is the first time in 20 years that I have been confident in placing complete trust in 3rd party code."
Erik Olsen
Quality Calls, LLC

Deployment Opportunities

Once you have built your Voice Elements-based solution, how do you deploy?

C# Sample Code

This sample code illustrates the simple processing of an inbound call:

static void s_TelephonyServer_NewCall(object sender, 
VoiceElements.Client.NewCallEventArgs e)
    Log.Write (”NewCall Arrival! DNIS: {0} ANI: {1} Caller ID Name: {2}”,
    e.ChannelResource.Dnis, e.ChannelResource.Ani, e.ChannelResource.CallerIdName);
    // The server has announced a new call through an event
    // You can subscribe to get the disconnected event.
    e.ChannelResource.Disconnected += new Disconnected(ChannelResource_Disconnected);
    // Simple answer the call.
    // Play a simple Text-to-Speech string
    e.ChannelResource.VoiceResource.PlayTTS(”Hello. Welcome to Voice Elements. Goodbye.”);


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