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Installing Dialogic HMP with X-Lite Softphone


Author’s note:  This article supports our legacy products.  At Inventive Labs, after two decades of providing telephony tools, we never stop supporting those who rely on our products to run their businesses. For more information about these legacy products and where we are today, read  Ditch Dialogic & Convert to Voice Elements.

Instructions for Installing Dialogic HMP with X-Lite Softphone

1) Download and install the Dialogic HMP system. Watch for an error message about an APIC timer. If you get that you are hosed – stop. Here is the link. [1] Install the latest Service Update for HMP Release 3.0 for Windows.

2) Once downloaded and installed. Run the configuration manager – DCM. Click on the green arrow. HMP should turn green if it started correctly. If it doesn’t – stop

3) Download the CTI32 Demo from the link here: [2] Get the version for Visual Studio 2005

4) Once installed – run the CTI32 Configuration Utility – click on Reconfigure Boards button on the top toolbar

  • Click Yes
  • Click “Using HMP, No Physical Board Present
  • Click Next
  • Click Next
  • Click Finish Section
  • Press Save button on top toolbar
  • Press “Start Service”

5) Wait for about 30 seconds – the Status should say “Running”. Press the button on the 2nd toolbar called “View CTI32Engine.Log” – the last line in the log should be “Waiting for call” if everything is working right. If you get an error – stop.

6) At this point the system is running, but you need a way to make a phone call. We will use the X-Lite Softphone which is free. Download and install it from here: [3] Get the Top link “Download X-Lite 3.0 for Windows

7) Use these instructions to set up X-Lite: [4] – goto page 44

8) Try to make a phone call

9) Read all the files in the Documentation folder \program files\cti32\documentation

10) Load up the VS2005 and open the solution in \program files\cti32\samples\cSharpSamples\CsharpSamples.sln

11) Start with InboundIVR.cs – this is the sample that is running

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