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ME Outbound Calls in UWP

Steps for Running Mobile Elements in UWP Platform

  • The Universal Windows Platform runs on Windows 10 operating systems. So, the application runs mostly on the local/Remote machine in this case.
  • In order to build the project, right click on the MobileElements.UWP(Universal Windows) project and then clean and build the project. Then you need to deploy it in your local machine.
  • Now, select Solution Configuration as Debug, Solution Platforms as Any CPU and the Startup Projects as MobileElements.UWP(Universal Windows).


  • Open the Package.appxmanifest and go to the Capabilities tab. Then check on these Internet(Client), Internet(Client & Server), Microphone, Private Networks(Client & Server), Videos Library and VOIP Calling boxes to give permissions to the application.


  • Now, run your application. If it successfully runs and deploys, then you can start dialing numbers from the keypad.
  • You have to make sure that your Internet service is enabled during the outbound call.
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