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Getting set up with Inventive Labs’ SIP Service

Inventive Labs provides SIP service for customers using Voice Elements Platform. It offers the following advantages:

  • It’s easy to get set-up. Customers can often begin making calls within minutes of signing up for service.
  • Redundancy. Our SIP service will automatically fail over and send calls out different carriers to ensure you the best quality of service.
  • Low rates. Contact for more detailed pricing information.


Static IP Address

Our SIP Service authenticates outbound calls based on the IP address that sent the request. This means that a static IP address is required to use our service.

Configure Router / Firewall

You will need to open up your router / firewall to allow the VoIP packets to be forwarded on to your server. For more detailed information use this link: Click Here

From the Elements Dashboard, click Tools / Test Router configuration. Click Start Listening. Click Send Packet. If everything is working, then you will see a text box come back and say “Text Message received”.

Signing up For Service

You will need to contact Inventive Labs and provide the following information:

1) Your static IP address, and the port that you will use for listening for SIP traffic (usually 5060). 2) The number of concurrent calls that you would like to place at any given time. 3) The phone numbers that you would like to use for inbound calls.

Modify your Configuration Files

In the VoiceElementsServer.exe.config, you will need to modify the following settings:

<setting name="HmpDefaultDestinationHost" serializeAs="String">
<setting name="HmpDefaultSourcePort" serializeAs="String">

These settings control the IP address and port that will be used for sending outbound calls. is the Session Border Controller that will handle your outbound calls.

When we receive inbound calls, we will forward the calls on to your server.

Additional Information

If you have service with an existing carrier, and would like to port your phone numbers, we can do so for a nominal fee.

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