Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

The Programmable Software SBC

Easily add a phone system to Microsoft Teams with a calling plan or connect using a direct routing SBC.  

Prefer a direct routing application? Choose  your favorite SIP carrier or a PBX.

Offering the world’s first programmable software SBC that goes beyond traditional phone service.

  • Save money
  • Call recording, logging & accounting
  • Call analytics & AI
  • IVR’s & BOT’s
  • Call routing
  • Cisco call manager integration
  • Install in minutes on Azure
  • Pre-programmed applications
  • CRM lookups to pass customer information into teams
  • Call center integration
  • Custom SMS notifications, review or survey request based on call rules
  • Ticket management
  • Toll bypass
  • TLS secure
  • Field proven across 500,000 channels

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