Inventive Labs Adds WebRTC to Voice Elements

Inventive Labs Adds WebRTC to Voice Elements

Greenwood Village, CO, August 21st, 2013 — Inventive Labs released an update to Voice Elements that adds support for Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) – an initiative sponsored by Google to integrate audio and video into the browser. Built right into the media server, and accessible through a proven .NET API, Voice Elements Platform apps can now integrate voice right into HTML5 web pages.

Voice Elements Platform is a software-based media server that can add the following features to web pages:

• Play / Record files or conversations

• Speech Recognition

• Play / Recognize Tones or Get Digits

• Text-to-Speech

• Conferencing

• Faxing

• Beep Detection

• Call Progress Analysis

• Dialing and receiving phone calls

• Routing calls through SIP Carriers

• Internet broadcasting

“Your browser becomes your phone,” explained Ron Tanner, Inventive Labs President. “Voice Elements Platform 5 combines current and cutting-edge communication technologies, WebRTC and .NET in a single media server – a monumental leap for our industry, with limitless opportunities for our customers.”

Businesses that use Voice Elements Platform could create Integrated Agent Stations, dialers, recorders, browser-based phone carriers, decentralized calling apps, click-to-call, toll bypass systems, customer service apps, virtual employee apps, locator apps, and much more.

In addition, the web socket connection provides a rich interface between browser- based applications and Voice Elements Platform.

For pricing and a free demonstration contact Inventive Labs directly.

About Inventive Labs

WebRTC Support for Voice Elements Platform media server is the latest offering from Inventive Labs, adding to a cache of proven Windows-based voice solutions, a .NET voice application development platform, and cloud-based services. Inventive Labs launched its first telephony software in 1999 and is headquartered in Denver, CO.