Voice API for .Net Developers

Use our Voice API to develop custom .Net telephony applications in Visual Studio using C# or VB.Net.

Run Your App in the Cloud or on your own premise-based server.

create a .NET telephony app

Voice Elements gives you everything you need to take your idea from concept to customer with minimal setup so you can concentrate on creating innovative solutions.

Our toolkit  comes with a built-in infrastructure that revolutionizes the way SMS and Voice apps are built.

You can build call tracking software, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, conference call applications and lots more using the software and platform you already know.

What Makes Our API different?

  • Build your voice app inside Visual Studio using the Voice Elements toolkit.
  • .Net developer friendly
  • Write cloud- or premise-based solutions and easily switch between them
  • Program in C# or VB.net
  • Launch your new solution on our cloud or your own server. It’s your choice.
  • No need to learn ReST API
  • Ready-made templates make it easy to get started.
Designed for .Net Developers

Why Would I Want a Premise-based application?

Voice Elements lets you utilize your existing premise-based system which has certain advantages:

  • Security of your data
  • Control of your systems
  • Integration with existing applications
  • Runs behind your firewall

Voice Applications

Our customers have built and use these apps every day:

  • Speech recognition
  • Smart Call routing
  • Beep detection
  • Call recording
  • Faxing
  • Concurrent calls
  • SIP Call Control
  • Text-to-speech (TTS)
  • Tone recognition (DTMF / Custom Tones)
  • Conference Calling
  • WebRTC
  • Whisper / Coaching
  • Call Center apps
  • Make Calls
  • Receive Calls
  • Voice/SMS Broadcasts
  • Political Polling
  • Power dialer
  • Reservation Confirmations
  • Appointment reminders
  • Customer surveys
  • Trouble Ticket Management

How To Use Our Voice API

Build powerful voice and sms apps in less than 10 minutes without the headache or time commitment of learning a new platform or coding language

  1. Choose a Visual Studio template
  2. Build your voice application using C# or VB.net
  3. Launch your new app on our Cloud or your own server

Made for .Net developers

Other toolkits and platforms are over-complicated and incomplete, leaving you in the dark without a clear picture of how to complete your project.

Code powerful, feature rich applications using C#.

Finish that app, make yourself look good, code faster than ever.

  • Easily add voice and sms to your Visual Studio project.
  • Write a premise-based solution because your data is sensitive and you don’t want it in the cloud
  • Deploy your application through your own PBX with minimal effort.
  • Utilize our complete and tested SIP stack.  

Our Experience

Voice Elements has been handling thousands of phone calls every day for customers around the world since 2009.

Our scalable network allows you to create applications that can handle the largest demands.

Developed by .Net experts.
With over 290,000 ports licensed, developers using our toolkit work smarter and faster using the tools they are already familiar with.

.Net Developers & Voice Elements

  • Field-proven modules that help you build the telephony portion of your application faster so you can focus on distributing it to your customers.
  • Ability to develop your application using your favorite .Net language.
  • A proprietary SIP Stack allows you to deploy your app in seconds.  
  • Connect to a variety of different hardware and software-based PBXs from vendors such as Avaya and Cisco.
  • Detailed and quick support from our team of .NET experts.

Cloud or Server-based Solutions

Voice Elements gives you the flexibility to run your application in our cloud, or on your own server. Deploying to your own equipment can give you the ultimate in flexibility, control and security by allowing integration with your existing equipment.

It's also extremely scalable; Voice Elements powers software that runs tens of thousands of ports, handling thousands of calls daily.

Still have Questions?

Contact our .Net experts and see if Voice Elements is the solution you’ve been looking for.