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Voice Elements is a product of Inventive Labs Corp.

Inventive Labs delivers cost-effective voice solutions and software, development tools and professional services. Voice Elements Platform, our core product, makes it easy to build both traditional phone applications and powerful WebRTC applications that enable the functionality of a phone right into your web browser or mobile app. In addition, you can use any .NET language to bring your voice applications to life.

Inventive Labs launched its first telephony software in 1999 and is headquartered in Denver, CO.

With hundreds of thousands of ports running every day, Inventive Labs is a trusted partner for your development and voice services’ needs.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and project and how our .NET tool, Voice Elements might be right for your business needs.

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Our History

  • Jan 8, 1987

    Telephone Apps

    Ron Tanner (CEO of Inventive Labs) writes his first automated telephone application using a Dialogic D/40 board.

  • Feb 14, 1995

    The Side Hustle

    As a side hustle, Ron Tanner releases his CTI32 toolkit for developing Dialogic applications and sells hundreds in a few short months.  Programmers loved it and it became the industry standard for windows Dialogic Development

  • Oct 8, 1999


     Inventive Labs Corporation is formed. Tens of thousands of ports deployed using the CTI32 toolkit.

  • Jan 2, 2002

    Birth of .NET

    Microsoft distributes the first release of .NET.

  • Aug 1, 2008

    Birth of Voice Elements

     Inventive Labs releases Voice Elements.  This is HUGE.  Customers can now deploy IVRs, Dialers, etc without any Dialogic or third-party product.  Voice Elements implemented the VoIP RFC's.  In other words, we now have our own SIP / RTC / VoIP stack with packet level control on what goes over the wire to carriers / gateways / and SIP devices.

  • Dec 12, 2012

    World Record Set

    Voice Elements provides the technology to to set a Guiness World Record for the largest telephone conference call with 16,972 participants.

  • Nov 2, 2017


    Inventive Labs ships 300,000th Voice Elements port license.  Many Fortune 500 companies including GE, 3M, Target, HomeDepot, and Honeywell utilize Voice Elements to power powerful communication solutions.    

Keith Tomlinson

Keith Tomlinson

CEO of Excalibur Communications Inc.

“With Voice Elements we created an IVR system for the real estate industry.  It has allowed us to build a north american wide customer base of realtors and mortgage specialists.  The system runs 24/7, zero downtime. If we had any questions support is always immediate in their response.  My recommendation - if you want the job done cost effective and accurate the first time, Voice Elements is the only way to go."

Travis Hall

Travis Hall

CTO of Dental Tek, LLC

“Inventive labs has become the cornerstone of our business. Their Voice Elements technology enables us to provide the best possible products to our customers and we simply could not do it without them. Not only do they listen to us and understand our needs, their expertise and attention to details always produces better than expected results."

Rick McFarland

Rick McFarland

CEO of Voice4Net

"Extreme flexibility and scalability for creating sophisticated telephony applications in a fast, efficient manner."

Danny Andjelkovich

Danny Andjelkovich

IT Specialist of Renew 1 Day Dentures

"Inventive Labs has allowed us to streamline our technology and integrate our practice management system with our office phones, cell phones and smart watches. Using Voice Elements as our communication hub allows us to focus more on our patients and less on our technology. The team at Inventive Labs is great to work with and they always go above and beyond our expectations."

Ankit Gupta

Ankit Gupta

Senior Software Engineer of SpitFire Dialers

"I have been using Inventive Labs products for the last 10 yrs at SpitFire to develop Call Center Solutions. I have never seen such a great company to work with. We have developed call center solutions with their Voice Elements product.  It's easy to use and has a simple interface.  It eliminates the complexity of SIP protocol but at the same time gives flexibility to accomplish all the tasks. Their products are always up to date with new technology & standards which are used in the industry.  Voice Elements is very stable and reliable. It has allowed us to integrate with numerous sip providers & PBX systems across the world (US, Canada, Europe, Australia, India, Africa etc) without issue. In call center solutions, call detection plays a very crucial role and in my professional experience Voice Elements call detection is one of the best in the industry. They have great support team which is always there to go above and beyond to help you. I love Inventive Labs and their products."