What you can build with Voice Elements’ Voice API

Periodic Table of Voice Elements Building Blocks

Automate Any Phone Call

In a nutshell, Voice Elements will help you automate any phone call. Voice Elements is a dead-simple toolkit designed for .NET Developers to quickly build & deploy flexible, secure and powerful TELEPHONY apps.  Calls can connect via SIP, A browser, or a phone carrier.


Automate SMS messaging

Integrate Voice Elements into your Visual Studio Solution by installing our NuGet package into your project.  You can compile using .NET Framework or .NET Core. Search Nuget using “VoiceElements”.  Your app can run under Windows, Linux, or Mac. Learn More.

The easy way to build something amazing.


Build Anything

Connect your Voice Elements client app to a Voice Elements Server.  You can connect to our Cloud Servers (by the minute) or you can install your own Voice Elements Server at your own premise (by the concurrent call).  The Voice Elements Server Platform implements its own SIP Stack and Host Media Processing (HMP).  The server runs under Windows.

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy as a Windows System Service, a Windows app, a command line app or via a Web Page.  Run the app on your server or Cloud VM or deploy to our cloud for free.  Connect to our cloud servers or your own.


Call Options

Calls can connect via SIP, a Browser, or a Phone Carrier.  You can connect your Voice Element Server to your own PBX or to Microsoft Teams using their Direct Routing Interface.

All the Features You Need

Check out below all the features you need to Launch a Successful Product.


Voice Elements Possibilities - Whatcha gonna build?

What can you build?

Just about anything that you can dream up! Check out our periodic table of Voice Elements at the top of this page. We can’t wait to see what kind of tele-integration you build.

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Check out all of these Ideas

Since 1999 our customers have created thousands of inventive applications.  The following slide just shows some of them.  Use your imagination to improve your Customer Communications.

Ideas, Ideas Ideas:

Tele-Integrations, customer surveys, self-service IVRs, call centers, phone systems, ticket management, two-factor authentication, appointment reminders, customer surveys, Voice/SMS broadcasts, political polling, power dialer, reservation confirmation, collections, SMS marketing, emergency notifiction, order status, delivery reminders, flight information, fundraising, alerts/notifications…

Industry Solutions with Voice Elements
Voice Elements Customer Portal - Sample Solutions and Tutorials

Easy to Get Started

  • Start by Choosing a “Sample Solution”.  Just press the “Try For Free” button
  • Compile with Visual Studio.  Make changes as you desire.
  • Launch Your New Solution on Our Cloud or on Your Own Server

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