Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

We offer the world’s first Programmable Software SBC for Microsoft Teams.

Our Voice Elements Platform software fulfills the role of the SBC in this MS Teams Direct Routing diagram.

You can program additional features into the call flow such as Custom Call Routing, Recordings, Call Logging, CRM Integrations, Whisper / Coach / Listen In, or whatever you wish to build in.

Read on to see how enterprise IT departments, carriers, and resellers leverage the flexibility of our programmable SBC to tailor it exactly to their needs.

NOTE: If you are looking for an easy way to connect phone service to your Teams Tenant via the cloud, you belong on the Voice Elements Calling Plan product page.

Voice Elements MS Teams Partners in Direct Routing

It's a Bird, It's a Plane - No, It's an SBC

No need for those expensive physical hardware session border controllers (SBC) in order to implement Direct Routing for Teams – just purchase our Voice Elements software platform.  Yes, it is the SAME Voice Elements Platform described HERE.

Multi-Tenant Options for Carriers / Resellers

We can provide an option so that you could connect to multiple Microsoft Teams tenants all at once – all using software – with just one platform.  Think of the possibilities of leveraging your products and connecting to the Teams marketplace. Add your own spin to it using the Voice Elements API. (Quoted Separately)


Use our toolkit to get in the middle of the call flow between callers and Microsoft Teams.  Think of the possibilities!  Invent custom workflows.  Check out some of the ideas below to see what you could add to the normal PSTN call flow.

Can Run on Azure

Ask about our Azure template to simplify spinning up new instances for your clients and customers.  Ask about reseller opportunities.

It does not have to run on Azure.  It can run on any Windows server or VM.


Connection Options

Just like Voice Elements Platform, you can connect to your PBX, a SIP Trunk Carrier, WebRTC clients (Browsers), SIP-to-SIP devices and Gateways.

Place a WebRTC browser call to your Teams Phone System – Way Cool!

Call Routing / Toll Bypass

You can build in Call Routing logic to reduce your carrier costs.  Calls going to other branches or office locations could connect directly via SIP.  You could also leverage Browser / WebRTC technology to avoid the phone company.
Voice Elements Teams Enterprise Voice Strategy for the Cloud

How it Works

If you have Microsoft Teams and a Phone System license, you can get PSTN access through a Microsoft Calliing Plan OR by using the Microsoft Direct Routing interface.

Voice Elements can connect to this Direct Routing interface.  You can connect Voice Elements to the PSTN.  Voice Elements can also connect to your SIP PBX.  It can connect to SIP Phones or WebRTC browsers.  In addition, you can use the Voice Elements API to implement just about anything into your Teams Call Flow.

What can you build into Teams?

Here are some ideas of features you could add to your Microsoft Teams Call Flow:

Call Recording / Transcription

Call Logging

Dip Caller ID from CRM or AD

Add Caller Flags to Caller ID

Front End IVR

Custom Routing for After Hours

Integrate with CRM & Accounting

Call Center System

Screen Pops

Whisper / Coach / Listen In

Measure Agent Efficency

Alerts when customer is mad

Call Queues

Power Dialers

Teams Integrated with your SIP PBX

AI / Machine learning

Report on who talks the most

Fax detection and routing

Ticket Management

Send Agents work when idle

Clock In / Clock out

Tele-Integration with our company database


Communicate better with Voice Elements' MS Teams Direct Routing

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