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Installing Voice Elements Premise Services

Ready to Deploy to your Premise?

The Voice Elements Platform is the easy answer.  By building on the Voice Elements platform, you can utilize our cloud service until you are ready to deploy on your own Windows VM (Virtual Machine) behind your firewall.  Unsure about which platform is right for your business?  Read more in our article Premise vs. Cloud Voice Apps.

When you sign up for a demo, you are given an account in our portal containing samplers for Voice Elements’ powerful features.  These all run on our Cloud Services Platform.  When you are familiar with the features in each sampler, you can activate Premise Services.

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Welcome to the Voice Elements Setup Wizard!

The Setup Wizard will run and bring you to this pop up screen.  The tabs represent each step in the installation process.  You must complete them in order, however you can go back to previous tabs to make any necessary changes.

Enter your License Key

Enter the License Key in the field and press Install.

You will receive a confirmation popup that your license was installed successfully.  Press OK.

Set the MS Speech Default TTS Voice

Select the TTS Voice you desire and click Install.

A pop up screen for the Microsoft Server Speech Installation will come up. Check the box to accept the terms of the Microsoft Server Speech License Agreement and click Install. Then press Finish.

Click Next at the bottom of the MS Speech tab.


Enter your server’s Public IP.

Verify the Local IP and Port to use.

Press Next.

Confirm the changes to your configuration.

Set up the Firewall

VE Setup Wizard - Firewall

You may need to contact your network support team for resolving any firewall issues.

When ready to proceed, press Next.

Test the Firewall

VE Setup Wizard - Firewall Test

Firewall Test Failed?

VE Setup Wizard - Firewall Test Failed

If the Firewall Test fails, check your firewall settings and test the firewall again.

If the Firewall Test is successful, the screen will return Success!

VE Setup Wizard - Firewall Test Successful

Run the Sample App

VE Setup Wizard - Finishing

Voice Elements is set up and ready to send and make calls.

Click Run Sample App.  It will open the Voice Elements Dashboard and run the System Test Application.

Note:  Installing your Application as a Service

Voice Elements System Test Application

You are now ready to make some test calls!

System Test Application - Welcome

Note: In the log, the blacked out area in this screenshot would show your IP Address.

Test an Inbound Call

System Test Application - Inbound Test Call

Note: In the log, DNIS shows the number you dialed and ANI is the number you dialed from.  If a Caller Id had been set, it would also show in the log.

Test an Outbound Call

Enter the number to call.  If not auto-filled, enter the Caller ID to display.  Click Call Me.

System Test Application - Outbound Test Call

Note: In the log, the blacked out sections in this screenshot would show your IP address and the number you are dialing.

When you are done testing, close the window.

Your premise services are ready to go!  Add your Visual Studio Windows Service and your application is in production at your Premise.

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