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Enabling Call Progress on Dialogic DNI Boards

CTI32 uses the most flexible implementation of Call Progress Analysis. This provides the developer with the most comprehensive control of CPA.

By default, the Dialogic DNI boards try to perform a default implementation of CPA that interferes with the more flexible implementation that CTI32 uses. Therefore, when using [DNI] boards and the Global Call protocol, the .config file for the DNI board in use must be modified to allow CTI32 to control the CPA.

  • Open the DCM and locate the DNI board in the list (See Figure 1)
  • Right click on the board and select Configure device.
  • Now, look for the name of the .fcd file that is in use. I.E. gnetworkonly_hmp_qsb_4_dms.fcd
  • Locate the associated .config file in HMP’s data folder. Typically located in C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\data.
  • Backup the .config file (optional)
  • Edit the .config file, changing the following item from y to n.


 Variant CallProgress     y ! y=allow call progress, n=disallow  


 Variant CallProgress     n ! y=allow call progress, n=disallow  
  • Save the file
  • Open a Command Line (CMD.EXE) and switch to the HMP data folder. Typically C:\Program Files\Intel\HMP\data.
  • Run the FCDGen.exe against the .config file to regenerate the .fcd file:
 C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\data>fcdgen gnetworkonly_hmp_qsb_4_dms.config
  • Restart the DCM
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