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Get the Voice Elements Toolkit or Update to the Latest Version

Get a Demo Version – New Users

You can download a demo with sample code, 30 days to get started developing and inbound / outbound connection to the Inventive Labs Telephony Bank at the Demo Download site.

Get the Toolkit – Existing Users with a License

If you have previously downloaded the demo, or purchased the Toolkit, you can download an installer to use that existing license. Below are the links:



Note that you will need to run the license manager with your license key to validate the software and generate a license file.

Update to the Newest Version

Inventive Labs is always adding and improving the Toolkit, you can [ download the latest version using this link].

When you download the newest version, you will get the 3 primary libraries used for client development along with their companion xml files:

  • VoiceElementsClient.dll
  • VoiceElementsCommon.dll
  • VoiceElementsInterface.dll

”Warning:” You will need to replace the older versions of these files in your Toolkit install and within each individual project inside of Visual Studio. Also, if you recompile using the new versions, you should either use a rebuilt installer to deploy the new files into existing production sites or replace the files manually along with your new executable.

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