Voice Elements Samples

We know it can be difficult to learn a new API. We have created different complete samples that show how to perform common functions to make things a little easier. These samples show how to get digits from a user, dial out, create an IVR, manage resources, use multiple threads, etc.

Voice Elements Sampler

The Voice Elements Sampler is an interactive application that contains several code snippets that demonstrate how to perform common Telephony functions.

The code samples in the VE Sampler show how to dial out, get digits from a user, use speech recognition, send and receive a fax, and create a conferencing applications.

We DO NOT recommend building your application in the Voice Elements Sampler. This is because you can run into performance issues, and stability issues (i.e. someone closes the main form) when running your application interactively.

Download the Voice Elements Sampler

Voice Elements Skeleton

The Skeleton Application should be used as a base for your application. It is a Visual Studio Project that has all the “plumbing” in place to run your application as a Windows Service.

The application itself is bare bones (that’s why we call it a skeleton), but we recommend using it whenever you create a new Voice Elements application.

Download the Voice Elements Skeleton

Outbound Dialer Application

This application is based on the Voice Elements Skeleton. It contains most of the code that you would need to build a simple appointment reminder application. It reads data from a CSV that contains customer and appointment data and plays a message to remind a customer about an appointment.

The concepts in this application can be used as a base to build a thread safe outbound dialer application

It demonstrates the following features:

  • How to place an outbound call
  • How to use the beep detector
  • How to Start multiple outbound threads to make calls
  • How to keep track of channel resources efficiently — this is useful when you need to limit the amount of ports that are in use
  • How to dispose of resources properly

You’ll want to make sure that you edit the data in the bin\Debug\CSV directory to modify the phone number that it dials. An easy way to edit this file is to open it up in Microsoft Excel and import it as a comma separated file. You’ll also need to add your Username and Password to the VoiceApp.exe.config so that you are able to run the application.

Download the Outbound Dialer application