Customer FAQs

Redundancy Question

QUESTION: we are working on adding high-availability to our voice application by deploying 2x VE onprem platforms and 2 copies of our apps. Both VE units participate in a single, 2-legged SIP trunk on the fronting SBC: The SBC uses OPTIONS keepalive to notice if any...

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SIP Call Recording on HMP Elements

Question: I am seeking some guidance on how to implement sip call recording on our voice servers using the HMP elements. We are making 2 outbound call legs and bridging them together. Could you provide guidance on this capability as well as important things to...

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Getting Started with WebRTC

Question: How do I get started with WebRTC? Answer: You should probably start with: This has the basics and is easy to get started with for Web, but has no mobile. Then for mobile:...

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Call Recording Through Microsoft Teams

Question: Can you help us do call recording through Microsoft Teams for compliance? Answer: Yes indeed. Check out Voice Elements for Microsoft Teams: Our Voice Elements platform implements a Direct Routing connection to Microsoft...

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Sending images through SMS

QUESTION: Do you have the capability to send and receive images over SMS? ANSWER: Yes, check out this link: Look for GetMedia, UploadMedia and the sending command SendSms

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Customer Support Question

QUESTION: I just realized I forgot to ask you about your support! What type of support do you offer with your SIP trunk services? Do you have some sort of coverage 24/7? Do you enforce SLAs? Do you have some capture and analysis tools or maybe a voice eng team to help...

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Outbound Caller ID and Name

Question: The CallerIdName is set to read-only and is not assignable. Is this simply a change from { get; } to { get; set; } and the rest will be fine or is there other changes needed for that to be assignable? The description of the m_ChannelResource.CallerIdName...

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