Voice API Platform


Is there a way I can place a call to a PBX that has a common IP address but also manages multiple domains? For example, our PBX is on and within our PBX we host multiple tenancies. For Example: companyA.com and companyB.com.

If I dial 204@ the packets arrive but the PBX rejects them. If I dial 204@CompanyA.com, they are sent elsewhere due to the DNS resolution. I don’t want to have to set my HOSTS file to force this to work. Is there another way?


Yes. Please try sending the INVITE to the destination number 204@CompanyA.com, but, also set the Override Destination by casting your channel to a SipChannel:

if (channelResource is SipChannel sc)
    sc.OverrideDestination = “”;


This will leave the formatted SIP INVITE intact, but send the packet to the address specified.