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On Premise Pricing

Run on your own hardware in your own environment or your own cloud.
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Voice Elements Cloud Pricing

Run your applications in the Voice Elements Cloud. No hardware or software for you to install or maintain. We handle all the infrastructure for you so you can focus on your applications.
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WebRTC Pricing

Your Browser is your Phone. Connect your Browser to the Voice Elements Platform and implement any feature available.
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Special Features Pricing

See pricing for special add-on features like conferencing, fax, G.729 and more.
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On Premise Pricing

Voice Elements is priced by concurrent channel per server. (Also referred to as “port” or “path”).  This means number of phone calls at one time. A port is the ability to handle a single call leg at a time. For example, let’s say you have an IVR and want to be able to handle 4 concurrent calls. You would need to purchase a 4 port license. In this scenario, if you receive a 5th call then the caller would receive a busy signal.

If you needed to transfer one of those calls out to an agent and “hairpin” the incoming call to the outgoing call, that would require another port for that call leg. So a port is the same as one concurrent call leg.

Licenses are sold by the server.  If you wanted a 250 port license on two servers, the price would be $9245 each.  You can’t just add 250 + 250 and look down the chart for 500 ports.

You can choose between two pricing Options: 1) One Time Fee or 2) Per Month.  Support is included in the “Per Month” option.  For the “One Time” perpetual license, it is recommended that you purchase support which costs 20% of the license cost per year.

Can you explain how much it would cost for X?
It can be helpful to run through a few different pricing scenarios to better understand our pricing model.  All prices are in US Dollars (USD)

50 ports of Voice Elements

$3495 + $699 (20% support) = $4194 (USD)

50 ports of Voice Elements and 20 Speech Recognition Ports and 24 WebRTC ports

The price for 50 ports of HMP Elements is $3495. 20 Speech recognition ports would cost $200.  Then look down at the WebRTC pricing chart and add $4990 for the 24 WebRTC ports.   Add 20% per year for support (optional but recommended)

50 ports of Voice Elements on 2 servers

The prices listed above are per server. Each server would cost $3495, for a total of $6990.  Add 20% for annual support.

500 ports of Voice Elements

500 ports costs $14095. The breakdown would be 400 ports for $12495 with and an additional 100 ports for $15 each.

Do you have a unique situation the doesn’t fit  our pricing model? Contact us at sales@voiceelements.com to discuss, we are here to help you.

Voice Elements On Premise Pricing

WebRTC Pricing

WebRTC Pricing is also port based.

Voice Elements WebRTC Pricing

Special Features Pricing

Special Features are also priced per port.

How many ports of a certain feature do I need?
Conference ports, Speech Recognition, and Fax Ports can be purchased in quantities less than your total number of SIP ports. For example, let’s say you would like a 100 port system for a call center, and you want to add the ability for 20 people to enter a conference. You would need a 100 port license, and 20 additional conferencing ports. If you tried to add a 21st person to the conference, you would be unable to do so.

This concept works the same for Speech Recognition. You only need the number of Speech Ports that you may use at any given time. For example, in most cases a 50 port speech recognition license would cover a 200 port SIP license because the Speech Recognition port is only used for the brief time that it detects and processes the audio.

To add support for G729 and HD codecs requires that you purchase the same number of ports as you are licensed for. For example, if you have a 50 port license and need to support G729, you would need to buy 50 ports of G729.


Support for the “One Time Fee Option” is an annual cost based on 20% of the list price, and is billed yearly. Enrollment in our support program is optional, but recommended. Support is included with the monthly option. For more information about Voice Elements Support – please visit our Support page.

Voice Elements Special Features Pricing

Cloud Pricing

Run your apps in the Voice Elements Cloud.