Voice API Platform in the Cloud

Connect Your App Directly to the Voice Elements Cloud Servers

Connect to our Cloud Servers

Your application can run anywhere and connect to our bank of Voice Elements Servers for access to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).  We maintain relationships with a blend of 8 carriers for optimization of cost and reliability.

What? Only 1 Cent Per Minute

1 cent per minute to or from most phone numbers in the US and CANADA.  International calls are extra.  A modest minimum monthly charge may also apply.  Sign up for the demo to see a full list of the pricing and limitations.

Easy Phone Number Porting

You can use our customer portal to pick a new phone number in the area code that you desire OR you can port in an existing phone number.  Toll Free numbers are also available. Either way, the phone call comes in or out of our cloud bank of servers.  Your app completely controls what happens in that call.


Call History

View your call history online on our customer portal or download the call detail records.  You can see details such as call time, who dialed, how long the call was, the cost of the call and more.

Host your App for FREE

If you don’t have a machine that runs 24/7, you can deploy your app for FREE to our shared servers.  Compile your app using .NET Core.  Log into our customer portal which allows you to upload and control your app.  Best part is there is no additional charge for this service.

Amazing Technical Support

If you have any problem, call us or email support@inventivelabs.com.  Real engineers will handle your issue.  Many customers have commented that we have better support than they have ever seen anywhere.

Host Your App on our Voice Elements Cloud Servers

How Does it Work?

We host a number of Voice Elements Servers in our data centers.  You as our client point your application to our voice elements servers.  (i.e. vecloud.voiceelements.com)

By the way, your code is exactly the same for an on-premise voice elements server vs our cloud voice elements servers – the only difference is the IP that you point to – Isn’t that cool!

Our Voice Elements Servers connect to the PSTN via a blend of carrier relationships.  We are a mini-phone company.  Direct SIP / VoIP calls can also be made.

When you connect to our servers, your application sends a RegisterDnis command.  By default, all phone numbers on your account will be sent down to your app.  If you were interested in just one phone number, you could just register that phone number – or several.  That way you can have multiple client apps on one account.

When an Inbound call hits our system, your application receives an event and you process the call.  That actual voice is NOT going down to you – just commands and events going back and forth.  However, you can still record that voice and do just about anything with it.

On an outbound call, you simply send the Dial command and off it goes.

Redundancy and Security

You can set up your application to connect to two different datacenters so that your call is completely redundant.  It can be redundant for both incoming calls and outgoing calls.

The connection between your application and our server is completely encrypted using state-of-the-art encryption techniques.  No prying eyes there.

Schedule a consultation for more information on either of these topics.

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