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Calling Plan and Service Solutions From Voice Elements

Voice Elements enables you to use Microsoft Teams to call anyone, not just other Teams users. When someone calls you, it rings all your Teams devices, your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Answer on any device, anywhere, anytime! It is the phone system for Teams. Voice Elements makes all this possible. With zero limitations.

Voice Elements is your phone system for Microsoft Teams

  • Call anyone whether they’re in Teams or not
  • Cost effective solution with no hardware or stubborn contracts
  • Great work from home solution use Teams to connect with all your customers
  • Your phone number rings all your Teams devices
  • Full integration with Microsoft Teams
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Business Solution

Voice Elements makes business function better. Teams is great for all the collaboration and chat, but to really solve the complete communication problem Teams needs to work with regular phones as well. Voice Elements does this efficiently and cost effectively.

  • The solution for “Work at home”
  • Connects you to your clients, employees, vendors. . . everyone
  • Connects your business phone numbers to staff wherever they are, even on the road
  • Now all communications can go through Teams
  • Automatic Call recording makes compliance, training, and support work no matter where someone is located

Cost Effective

Maybe the best part is the price. Only $7 per user, with no limits within the US and Canada. Yes, that’s right–simple and predictable pricing. That is half what Microsoft charges and we include lots of other advanced features they do not offer.

And there’s no hardware or software to install making setup fast, easy and painless.

Pricing details

Loaded With Features

  • Call recording for compliance, training & support
  • Call metrics to help with reporting and training
  • Fully managed in the cloud by Voice Elements
  • Call statistics and reporting by user and for your entire organization
  • Call reports delivered by email each day
  • Live listen allows a supervisor to listen in on a live call
  • Whisper Coach allows a supervisor to “whisper” to the callee, but the caller does not hear. Great for training and coaching

How it works

Voice Elements is a Cloud Service and calling Plan for Microsoft Teams. The Voice Elements Cloud interfaces the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) with Microsoft Teams. This enables calling and receiving calls from any phone, plus so much more. We are a Microsoft Partner and Teams Direct Routing Provider. What this really means is you don’t have to worry about hardware or software.

  • Enables Microsoft Teams to be your phone system
  • No hardware to purchase, install or maintain
  • We provide the phone numbers for each user or you can use your own
  • You can extend functionality using Voice Elements Programmable Voice features
  • Scales as you grow

Bye Bye PBX

Replace or enhance your existing PBX system with a solution from Voice Elements & Microsoft Teams. There’s no hardware needed. No software to install. It’s a super easy, fully integrated Microsoft Teams phone solution.

And you’re not limited to calls within your Team’s network. Easily add users outside of Microsoft Teams. And it works on any device from your desk phone to a mobile devices, tablet and of course Microsoft Teams.

Feature Rich

  • Data rich caller ID brings valuable customer insights. Before you even pick up the phone
  • Integrates VoIP phones directly with Teams
  • Integrate Teams with your exiting PBX
  • On-premise options are also available
  • Fully customizable using Voice Elements APIs for our programmable voice and SMS solutions
  • CRM integration uses data from your system to enhance the Caller ID of the incoming call. See account info, balances, etc. added to the Caller ID so you see more information about your caller before you even answer the phone
  • Custom Call Routing
  • Custom IVR and Call Trees
  • Native Teams app, gives you access to features within Teams
  • Pick phone numbers for each user or use your existing numbers
  • Conferencing
  • Cloud based VoIP Phone System
  • Transcription , converts your recordings to text
  • Use our API for Advanced Voice and SMS integration

Outstanding Support

With over thirty years of experience, our support is second to none. We are here with you throughout the entire process. From handling the installation, answering any questions you may have, to helping you expand as your business expands– VoiceElements is a partner you can always count on.

Why Voice Elements

  • Voice Elements is a Microsoft Teams direct routing partner
  • No on-premise equipment requirement, which means no expense, and no hardware to install or maintain
  • We are the voice experts having been providing computer telephony products and infrastructure for decades
  • Flexiblity allows you to connect to a variety of different hardware and software based PBXs from vendors such as Avaya and Cisco

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