Programmable SMS

Easily send and receive text messages using the VoiceElements Client OR via a REST API.

Programmable SMS

Send and receive text messages.
SMS built for developers

SMS Features

Two-Way – Send and Receive text messages over the carrier network
Enable SMS on your business land line number
Numbers are MMS-enabled
Toll Free Numbers available
Queuing – Send SMS as fast as you like. Voice Elements automatically queues and sends each message at a rate that keeps you compliant
Use same number for both Voice and Texting
Sending and receiving SMS texts is simple and reliable. Our “Click-To-Text” button that we add to our client’s web site has proven to be very effective. Brent Hicken

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Extreme flexibility and scalability for creating sophisticated telephony applications in a fast, efficient manner.

Rick McFarland


.Net Developers

Simply use the Voice Elements Client.

public static Main()
            	SendSms("8005551212", "Welcome to VoiceElements!");
public static void SendSms(string number, string smsText)
                Guid messageGuid;
                string[] headers;
                string[] sdp;

                var sipStatusCode = s_telephonyServer.SmsSendMessage(smsText, number, Properties.Settings.Default.TestPhoneNumber, null, out messageGuid, out headers, out sdp);
                Log.Write("SMS Result: {0}", sipStatusCode);
            catch (Exception ex)
                Log.WriteException(ex, "SendSms()");


        private static void TelephonyServer_SmsMessage(object sender, SmsMessageEventArgs e)
            Log.Write($"Received SMS (From: {e.SmsFrom}, To: {e.SmsTo}): {e.SmsMessage}");

        private static void TelephonyServer_SmsDeliveryReport(object sender, SmsDeliveryReportEventArgs e)
            if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(e.DeliveryDescription) && e.DeliveryState.ToLower() == "waiting")
                Log.Write($"Received SMS Delivery Report (From: {e.SmsFrom}, To: {e.SmsTo}): Message delivery is pending...");
                Log.Write($"Received SMS Delivery Report (From: {e.SmsFrom}, To: {e.SmsTo}): {e.DeliveryDescription}");

Or Use your favorite language and use our SMS REST API

View SMS Rest API documentation.

Easily Add Phone Numbers

Use our customer portal and add phone numbers that are capable for Voice and Texting. Choose DID’s from your local area code.

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