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Speech Recognition

How Does It Work?

Voice Elements makes it easy to build both traditional phone applications and WebRTC applications which provide all the functionality of your phone right into your browser. This allows you use any .NET language to bring your voice applications to life through our cloud or your own server. Many of customers enjoy the ability to deploy their application through their own PBX.  It's kinda like a premise-based Twilio.  How neat is that?!

Here is how it works – Your Voice Elements application sends commands, and receives notifications from Voice Elements Server.

Voice Elements Server listens to commands from Voice Elements clients. It then “translates” those commands into telephone functions. For example, when you want to make a call, you write code that looks like this:

m_ChannelResource.Dial("5551234567"); // place a call
m_VoiceResource.PlayTTS("Hello World!"); // play "Hello World" to the user

Voice Elements receives, then dials the number specified and once the call returns, it will play back “Hello World.”

What Can I Build?

Customer Service IVRs

Tele-Integrations, customer self-service IVRs, call centers, phone systems, ticket management, two-factor authentication, appointment reminders, customer surveys...

Voice/SMS broadcasts, political polling, power dialer, reservation confirmation, collections... 

Power dialers
SMS marketing

SMS marketing, emergency notifiction, order status, delivery reminders, flight information, fundraising, alerts/notifications...

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