Premise Based

Premise Based Voice Elements

Deploying to your own equipment can give you the ultimate in flexibility by allowing to integrate your Voice Elements applications to your existing equipment.

Voice Elements gives you the flexibility to run your application in our cloud, or run on your own server.

  • Scalable Voice Elements can run more than 1000 concurrent calls with a single-server
  • Proven Voice Elements powers software that runs tens of thousands of ports, handling hundreds of thousands of calls daily
  • Flexible Voice Elements can connect to a variety of different hardware and software-based PBXs from a variety of vendors such as Avaya and Cisco
  • Easy set up our installer includes a step-by-step wizard to easily leave the cloud
  • Simple pricing based on the number of concurrent calls that you would like to make or receive (pricing)
  • Can I run inside a virtual machine? Yes you can

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