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Develop Voice Applications at Half the Cost

Develop Voice Applications at Half the Cost

From the Beginning at Inventive Labs I wrote my first IVR application in 1987 using a D/40 Dialogic board. I owned a paging company and we had transmitters on top of South Mountain and Shaw Butte in Phoenix, Arizona. Motorola had just come out with “whole message”...

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Notes on the Atlanta WebRTC Conference

Notes on the Atlanta WebRTC Conference

The WebRTC Serge of 2014 A real treat was to get to know Serge Lachapelle from Google. Serge is the Product Manager for Chrome WebRTC. He is basically the father of WebRTC. (Not like Al Gore who thinks he is the father of the internet – Serge is really the father of...

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Inventive Labs on the Road: Events for 2012

Inventive Labs on the Road: Events for 2012

We’ve recently returned for the first time exhibiting at Internet Telephony Expo in Miami. It was a success in every way – very busy, with a positive reception of our Voice Elements Platform. The message we brought to the show was, from start to finish, with just one...

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