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Email-Texting Product Description

Email Texting


If you have a phone number that is not a cell phone number, in most cases you can add texting to that number.  That could include your business line, your home line, or any toll-free number that you may have.  You may also get a new number in just about any US or Canada location from our web site.  If you have a phone number assigned to Microsoft Teams, then perhaps you want to get SMS texts on that number.

Here is an easy way to use the tool you know best (your Email program) for texting to that number.  We call it Email Texting.

Receiving a Text from your customer

When someone sends you a text and/or picture to your business or home number, our system receives that text and then sends you an email.  This email will put the senders phone number and name (if known) on the subject line.  It will come from a customized email box that we’ve set up for you.  The text will appear in the body of the email.  Any picture will come in as a file attachment.  In addition, we will add the last 20 messages sent or received with that number as a history.

Hear is a sample message sent from my cell phone to my home phone number and what I received in my email inbox

Send back a text to your customer

To send a text back to the sender, simply reply to the email and type your text in the body of the email.  If you wish to send an image or PDF, simply attach the file to the email.  The system will strip out the previous email text and just send the new part of the message.

If you wish to send a text to your customer that has not previously sent you a text, perform the following:

  • Create a new email TO: (YourBusinessTextNumber) (i.e.
  • Put your customer’s cell (texting) phone number in the Subject line. (Optionally, put their name in brackets) i.e. 3032222222 <John Smith>  Note: the system will remember the name next time you receive a text from that phone number.
  • Put your message in the body of the email. Press Send.  Note: you may also attach an image or PDF.


The system cannot use your existing contacts.  However, when you reply or send an Email out, you can insert the customers name to the subject line.  The system will forever remember that name attached to the phone number and include it on the subject line the next time you receive a text.

To add a name to the subject line simply put it in brackets.  i.e. <John Smith>

How it Works

Voice Elements will perform the following when we set up your non-cell text number:

  • Pick out a new phone number from our web site OR sign authorization for our carrier to take control of the texting side of your phone number. The voice side of your phone number will not change.
  • We will set up a redirection email address for the above number. It will be
  • We will insert email address(es) of where you want to receive your texts into our system.

So how it works is simple.  When our system receives a text, we special format it and send it to your email.  When our email mailbox for your number receives an email, our email box will pick out from the email what it needs and send the text to your customer.  It is that simple.

Said another way:

Assume your number is 6821234567

Someone sends a text to 6821234567 – lets say the sending number is 6825551212

You will receive an email on  The subject will say “Text message from 6825551212” and the email will be from (our system box for you)  The body of the email will be what we received in the text.

When you reply, the message will automatically go to, the subject will be “RE: Text message from 6825551212” and you will put your reply in the email.  That reply in the email will be the text sent to 6825551212 from 6821234567.  Any duplicate of previous email in the body will be dropped.

You would be able to send an unsolicited text to anybody by sending to with the subject being the phone number of who you want to send the text to and the text in the body of the email.



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