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Where is CTI32

Don’t Freak Out

CTI32 will continue to be supported for years and years to come.

CTI32 was a 32-bit Windows DLL for Computer Telephony development. This tool was specially designed to interface to Dialogic hardware and HMP. With this tool, programmers developed IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, call centers, dialers, or just about any automated telephone application.

CTI32 customers could interface at three levels – 1) the CTI32.DLL 2) The CTINETLIB for .NET programmers and 3) CTI32ENGINE which was whole environment that you could code under. If you programmed to level 2 or 3, then you can interface to our new HMP Elements SIP stack for an all software solution without Dialogic hardware or software.

The primary disadvantage to CTI32 was that the application had to run on the same machine as the Dialogic hardware. The architecture also made debugging more difficult.

In August of 2008, the tried and true core technology of CTI32 that successfully ran voice applications for 9 years was updated and repackaged into a new .NET toolkit called, Voice Elements. [1] Voice Elements is a complete software tool enabling both cloud and server-based telephony via Microsoft .NET languages. CTI32 is no longer sold to new customers. CTI32 customers who would like to purchase Voice Elements should contact

Voice Elements was designed from the ground up for .NET programmers. As such, it was impractical to provide a code path from CTI32 to Voice Elements. For this reason we will be supporting all of our existing CTI32 customers for years and years to come.

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