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Licensing Questions

In this article, we address some of the most common licensing questions.

How do I activate my license?

The license activation tool is launched automatically after installing Voice Elements Developer.

However, if for some reason it was not launched you may follow the instructions below to activate your license.

    1. Browse to your Voice Elements directory. (Default Directory: C:\Program Files\Inventive Labs\Voice Elements Developer.)
    2. In that directory you will find the LicenseManager.exe application.
    3. Open up the LicenseManager.exe
    4. Copy and paste in your license key if it does not get populated automatically
    5. Click “Activate License

Why does my application compile, but when I deploy it I receive a licensing error?

To resolve this issue, you will need to deploy the DLLs that are output to the debug (or release) folder by Visual Studio to the directory where your application is deployed.

Why do I get a licensing exception when I run my application?

This is a similar issue to what is above. It can be very useful to run through the following steps:

Make sure that the License.licx file is a part of your project. If it is not, add it (you may add it from the Voice Elements Sampler). Please note that it should be included in the top level project of your application, as well as any other projects that reference the Voice Elements DLLs, otherwise the licensing may not work correctly. Also, please note that the .licx file Build Action should be set to “Embedded Resource”.

If that does not work try the following:

    1. Right click on your solution and perform a “Clean Solution“.
    2. This will essentially delete the DLLs that are output when building an application.
    3. Remove the references to the DLLs in your application, and re-add them.
    4. Make sure you are referencing the DLLs in C:\Program Files\Inventive Labs\Voice Elements Developer
    5. Perform a full re-build.
    6. Try running the application to see if it resolved the issue.

Please note, that if you are running Visual Studio 2010, you may need to start up Visual Studio as an Administrator. You can do this by hovering over Visual Studio and clicking “Run As Administrator”.

I’m still having trouble…

    • I’m having trouble activating my license, what should I do?
    • Or I am unable to access an internet connection in order to activate my license, how can I activate my license?

We have tested the licensing in our applications on various Operating Systems, and configuration settings. However, despite our best efforts we occasionally run into issues with our licensing scheme. We have taken this into account and have a work-around if you experience these difficulties:

    1. If you are running a version of HMP Elements that was released prior to 2013, click here to download the updated version of the License Request application.
    2. Unzip the and move the LicenseRequest.exe to your Hmp Elements Server folder.  (Default Directory: C:\Program Files\Inventive Labs\Voice Elements Platform\Hmp Elements Server)
    3. Open up a command line, and browse to the location where you placed the updated LicenseRequest.exe.
    4. Issue the following command: LicenseRequest.exe /requestfile
    5. That command will generate a file named License.req.
    6. You can then activate that license by moving the LicenseRequest.exe and License.req file to the same folder on a machine that has internet access.
    7. From the command line run LicenseRequest.exe /proxy on the machine with internet access
    8. That should create a license.lic file.
    9. Move that file to the directory: C:\Program Files\Inventive Labs\Voice Elements Platform\Hmp Elements Server
    10. If you still have issues, send the License.req file to . With that file we can create and send you back a license file.

How do I move my license to another machine?

If you would like to move your license, you must first ensure you have the latest LicenseRequest.exe application. Click here to download the latest LicenseRequest zip files.

Browse to the directory where your license.lic file is located. If you are using Voice Elements Platform it should be in C:\Program Files\Inventive Labs\Voice Elements Platform\Hmp Elements Server and then paste the files from the downloaded zip file into that directory. You’ll then need to browse to that directory from the command line and call:

Licenserequest.exe /uninstall

That should uninstall and check the license in. Once the license is checked in you can should be able to use the same license key to deploy it on a different machine.

Why do I get the license file sync error?

There are two reasons why you could get the following error when starting HMP Elements:

License File Sync Error.
   at InventiveSecurity.AuthSec.ProcessValidation(String lic, Byte[] data, String sLicFile, RSACryptoServiceProvider rsaLocal, Aid aid)
   at InventiveSecurity.AuthSec.Authorize()


1. Check your version of LicenseRequest.exe

You are using an old version of the LicenseRequest.exe that is not compatible with Windows 8 / Server 2012 and above.

Unfortunately, if you tried to activate the license using the old version of the LicenseRequest.exe, it has created some files that need to be cleaned up to allow you to successfully use the license. You will need to navigate to delete the key container that is associated with the invalid license. They are in this directory:


You need to positively identify which key is associated with HMP Elements. If you delete the wrong key it can cause some system issues. You can sometimes identify the correct key by opening up the license manager, right clicking and selecting “Container”. If it works, it will display the filename that you’ll want to delete. You may get an error. If you do get an error, you’ll want to delete the key from the date that you first tried activating the license.

Lastly, you will need to update the LicenseRequest.exe by

You’ll want to copy the updated LicenseRequest.exe into the Hmp Elements directory (typically C:\Program Files\Inventive Labs\Voice Elements Platform\Hmp Elements Server).

Once this step is complete, you will need to activate the license again.


2. Activated license doesn’t match License.lic file

You can receive the license file sync error if the license that HMP Elements recognizes is not the same as the most recent HMP Elements license that was activated on the system.

For example:

If you have a License.lic file that you activated in the Hmp Elements Server directory, but you also have an old license.lic file in the C:\ProgramData\Inventive Labs\Hmp Elements Server directory. HMP Elements will give priority to the license in the ProgramData directory, and it will be invalidated, because you have activated a newer license in the Program Files directory.

To resolve this issue, you can just delete the old license.lic.


Still having trouble?

Contact Inventive Labs Support and we would be happy to assist you.

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