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Connect to a Third Party SIP Carrier

Initial Start Up

After you have installed Voice Elements, the first thing to do is to start HMP Elements service and then the Voice Elements service:

Voice Elements Dashboard - First Fun

Note: This step is only required after the initial installation of Voice Elements. On subsequent reboots of the system, these services are started automatically.

Ports Table Is Now Updated

Once both services have successfully started, the “Ports” table will be populated with the names and statuses of all licensed ports:

Voice Elements Dashboard - Services Running

The number and type of ports available is determined by the features licensed.

Make an Outbound Call

Start the Sampler

To make your first test call, open the Voice Elements Sampler by clicking ‘Start Sampler” in the Elements Dashboard:

Voice Elements Dashboard - Start Sampler

Enter the Outbound IVR Phone Number

After it opens, select the Outbound IVR in the list of available samples. Enter the phone number you wish to dial in the “Phone Number(s) to dial” list, and finally click ‘Start Job’:

Voice Elements Sampler - Outbound Call

Enter Your SIP Provider’s Credentials (if applicable)

Please note that your SIP provider may expect the Caller ID value to be set to a specific number, usually the DID phone number associated with your account. If your SIP provider requires authentication, you will need to enter your credentials in the HMP Elements configuration file. To access it, select the “Configuration” for HMP Elements in the Elements Dashboard:

Voice Elements Sampler - HMPe Configuration

This will open the HMP Elements configuration file. Find the section following section:

Voice Elements Sampler - HMPe Configuration

Replace “sip_username”, “sip_password”, and “carrier_fqdn” with values provided by your SIP carrier. After making the changes, save and close the file and restart both the Voice Elements and HMP Elements services.

Test an Inbound Call

To test inbound calls, you need the DID number for your SIP trunk, which should be provided by your carrier.

Start the Sampler

If you would like to place an inbound call to the Voice Elements platform, first start the VESampler by clicking ‘Start Sampler’ button in the Elements Dashboard:

Voice Elements Dashboard - Start Sampler

Call Your Test DID

Once the VESampler has started, use your landline or cell phone to call the test DID number provided by your carrier. By default, the VESampler will use the Inbound IVR sample script to answer the call, which will request the caller to enter several DTMF and then play them back, and will record a message and play it back. To end the call, hang up at any time.

More questions?  Contact us!

If you would like to schedule a free consultation with a Voice Elements engineer, please send a request to Support.

The Engineer can help you as follows:

  • Explain the various deployment options of Voice Elements
  • Answer your questions
  • Explain how it works
  • Help you get started with the skeleton project
  • Help you with any problems that you might have encountered during the install
  • Give you ideas about how to accomplish your objectives

This consultation can be done using remote meeting software such as GoToMeeting or Join.Me. Let us help you get started with Voice Elements.

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