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VAP Files

Background on VAP Files

A VAP file was originally created by Dialogic. It contains an indexed, or annotated, collection of .VOX or .WAV files.

VAP files are used for storing multiple voice recordings in a single file and navigating them in your application. Basically, you can store hundreds of little segments of voice and put them all in one file. Each are indexed and can be accessed individually.

Create or Maintain a VAP File

To create or maintain a VAP file, we have created a little command line program called VUTIL.

You can get VUTIL here: VUTIL.EXE


 VUTIL -CREATE <index file> <max number of entries>
 VUTIL -IMPORT <index file> <file to import> <prompt #> <comment>
 VUTIL -EXPORT <index file> <file to export to> <prompt #>
 VUTIL -COMMENT <index file> <prompt #> <comment>
 VUTIL -COMPRESS <index file>
 VUTIL -UPDATEDIR <index file> <prefix> <suffix>
 VUTIL -EXPORTDIR <index file> <prefix> <suffix>
 VUTIL -LIST <index file>

If you need more information, please refer to the source code. You can download that here: VUTIL.CPP

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