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How to Port In Telephone Numbers

We strive to make porting your numbers in as simple as possible!  Here are some tips to help things go smoothly:

Porting in Local Numbers (DIDs)

Signed Letter of Authorization (LOA)

Download the Inventive Labs LOA {link} authorizing your port to our carrier.

Instructions for filling out the LOA

  • Make sure the service address matches the address on your current Carrier Invoice exactly.
  • The date on the LOA must be within 30 days of the port submission.

Proof of Ownership

  • Include a copy of your current Carrier Invoice to establish proof of ownership showing:
    • Statement date within the past 30 days
    • The porting numbers
    • Service address of the porting numbers
    • Company or authorized name (legible signatures are best.)
  • If the Carrier Invoice does not list the porting numbers, please provide additional documentation to establish Proof of Ownership. Examples of supplemental Proof of Ownership documentation are:
    • A Customer Service Record (CSR) from the current service provider.
    • A screenshot of the current provider’s account portal showing:
      • The porting numbers
      • Account number
      • Additional information to link numbers to your Carrier Account
    • A letter or email from your current service provider dated within the past 30 days listing the porting numbers and verifying ownership.

Requested Port Date:

  • We will request the date you provide when we submit the port request, but if we run into issues or exceptions, it may take longer.  An average port will take 7 to 10 days.  If you need a specific date you can count on, pick one 3 weeks out to ensure we receive FOC (Firm Order Commitment) in time.

Requested Port Time:

  • If you need to manage the port at a certain time of day, we can set the port to be triggered manually on your FOC date.  The default porting time is 11:30 am Eastern Time.

Line Options and Set Up Instructions

  • Please let us know in advance if you need any special line options, such as CNAM (outgoing), CNAM Dip (incoming), or e911.
  • All numbers ported in will automatically receive SMS activation, whether local or toll free.

Porting In Toll Free Numbers

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