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How to Port in Toll Free Numbers

We strive to make porting your numbers as simple as possible!  Here are some tips to help things go smoothly:

Letter of Authorization

Download LOA:  Inventive Labs LOA for RespOrg Transfer

Current Carrier:  Contact your current service provider to determine the carrier that is the Responsible Organization (RespOrg) for your toll free number(s).

Customer Name & Address:  The customer name and address on record with the current service provider.

Requested Port Date:  This is a target date to aid in the submission of your port order.  Ports usually complete within 7 – 14 days.  Be flexible and patient.  Providing the most accurate information possible mitigates rejections.  If you need a specific porting date you can count on, pick one 3 weeks out to ensure we receive FOC (Firm Order Commitment) from the losing service provider (LSP) in time.

LOA Tips:

    • Must be signed by an authorized person (preferably legible)
    • LOA must be dated within 30 days from current date
    • Watch for typos and make sure all numbers being ported are listed correctly

Proof of Ownership

Invoice or Copy of Bill (COB):   Include a copy of your current provider’s invoice to establish proof of ownership.  Make sure it shows the following:

    • Account number
    • Company or authorized name
    • Billing address of the porting numbers
    • All numbers being porting numbers (preferably showing the BTN as well)
    • Dated within 60 days (use your most recent Invoice)

Additional Documentation:  If your current provider does not invoice but uses credit card billing via their portal, here are examples of supplemental Proof of Ownership documentation:

    • Screenshots of your portal account showing:
      • The porting numbers
      • Account number
      • Customer name and address
    • A letter or email from the current service provider dated within the past 30 days listing the porting numbers and verifying the customer’s ownership.
    • A Customer Service Record (CSR) from the current service provider.

More Tips:  Once you have authorized a port, do not change anything with your current provider (e.g. address or line options, and definitely do not disconnect your porting numbers from your current provider.)  You may close the account or make changes ONLY after you have confirmed through your new service provider that the port (both Voice and SMS) is fully completed.

Contact Us

Send the LOA and Proof of Ownership to and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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