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Benefits of Using Voice Elements Platform

There are many benefits to using Voice Elements Platform to build your voice applications, such as IVRs, dialers, etc.

  • Able to use both SIP and TDM from the same application.
  • Fast Time to Market.
  • Application is developed first – before the need to install drivers, boards, SIP software or telephone circuits.
  • “Show the boss” – Prove application before investing in the telephony resources.
  • Provides for “telephony in the cloud” (i.e. “cloud computing”).
  • Applications and telephony resources are separate.
  • Ease of development (do it anywhere).
  • Ease of debugging (step through your voice application using the Visual Studio debugger).
  • No restarting of services to implement new versions.
  • Targets Enterprises using Visual Studio and .NET.
  • Ease of integration into existing business systems and rules.
  • Easy transition from TDM to VoIP (SIP).
  • Deploy using our cloud hosting service or install your own server and easily connect via SIP– your choice.
  • Switching from a cloud telephony deployment to your own Voice Elements server requires no code changes.
  • Design and implement multiple applications without interfering with currently deployed applications.
  • Bring state of the art .NET development environment to telephony.
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