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Benefits of Using Voice Elements Platform

Take a look at the benefits of using Voice Elements Platform to build your voice applications:


Benefit Details
Today and Tomorrow’s Telephony Interfaces Our communications products and cloud solutions give you all you need from VoIP phone lines (SIP) to Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solutions.
Speedy Time to Market Application is developed first – no need to install drivers, boards, software, or telephone circuits.
“Show the boss” – prove your application before investing in the telephony resources.
Flexible Cloud Telephony Architecture Applications and telephony resources are separate.
Development can be done anywhere.
Ease of debugging (step through your voice application using the Visual Studio debugger).
No need to restart services to implement new versions.
Field Proven Scale – Tens of Thousands of ports deployed.
Longevity – The Voice Elements core was developed in 1995.
Experience – we built our first telephony application in 1987.
High Density & Large-Scale Experience 5.5 million calls in one day on the Voice Elements engine. Many more examples are out there, just ask our sales crew.
Ideal for Enterprises Already Using .NET Seamless integration into existing business systems and rules.
Use existing .NET talent from within your organization.
Flexibility & Choice in How to Deploy Use our lines and resources with Telephony Bank architecture or install your own Voice Elements Server.
Switching from Telephony Bank to your own Voice Elements server requires no code changes.
Brings the Ease of .NET Development Tools to Telephony IntelliSense and Visual Studio features make coding quick and easy.
Get all the benefits of developing in Visual Studio .NET.
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