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RegisterDNIS() method requests that the server begin sending your application any inbound calls that have that DNIS.

RegisterDNIS() is overloaded so that you can request all DNIS’ to be sent, or you can request one or more DNIS’ to be sent.

RegisterDNIS();                                            // Requests all DNIS' from the server
RegisterDNIS("18005551212");                               // Requests a single DNIS
RegisterDNIS(new string[] {"18005551212", "18005551213"}); // Requests multiple DNIS'

Other considerations:

  • When you execute the RegisterDNIS() with no parameters, it tells the server to send *ALL* incoming calls to the app. If a second application comes along and requests the same thing, then the server rejects the second request.
  • You could alternatively, have one app RegisterDNIS(“3035551212”) and a second one RegisterDNIS(“8015551212”) and that would work since they are both requesting separate DNIS’s.
  • If you request all DNIS’ to be sent to your application, then that will be the only application allowed to receive inbound calls.
  • If you have an outbound only app then you should not run the RegisterDNIS() command.

For more information about the RegisterDNIS() Method, please see:

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