Recording Calls Automatically

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Recording Calls Automatically

Listening to outbound calls can be very helpful in troubleshooting call problems and determining call settings. Before changing any Call Progress values, capture some recordings of the outbound calls. Every time an outbound number is dialed, the audio received is recorded as the call is placed and answered.

This feature is built into HMP Elements. You can do this by modifying HmpElementsServer.exe.config and modifying the following settings:


The AnalyzeCallRecordingPath will record the first part of a call, and place it in the given directory.

<setting name="AnalyzeCallRecordingPath" serializeAs="String">
  <value />


The AnalyzeCallLogLevel should be set to 0, unless you need it set to some other setting for diagnostic purposes.

<setting name="AnalyzeCallLogLevel" serializeAs="String">
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