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How To Set Up Your DNS Entry

Quick Reference

  • Create an “A” record for the FQDN that will eventually be added as an SBC to Voice / Direct Routing section of admin.teams.microsoft.com (i.e. sbc1.yourdomain.com)
  • The IP Address should be set to IP displayed from our Customer Portal or from the email that was sent


Microsoft Teams requires that you create a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) that resolves to the location of the equipment that will be handling your phone calls (commonly known as the SBC or session border controller).  The needed entry is known as a DNS ‘A’ Record and when setup it simply resolves to an IP address.  If you are not familiar with creating an ‘A’ record for your domain, please coordinate with your organization’s networking team to add an entry for your domain.

Microsoft requires that you create a new unique name that is based on one of the domains that is part of your TEAM’s tenant.  Lets assume that you have a tenant in TEAMS that includes ‘yourdomain.com’.  You could then create an FQDN such as ‘sbc.yourdomain.com’ or ‘teams.yourdomain.com’.  Basically anything that is like ‘*.yourdomain.com’ is acceptable.  Be aware that you cannot use ‘aaa.bbb.yourdomain.com’ unless you also have ‘bbb.yourdomain.com’ as a valid tenant inside teams.

Here is a short description from Microsoft from their documentation (see: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/direct-routing-connect-the-sbc#using-the-microsoft-teams-admin-center)

“You can only connect the SBC if the domain portion of its FQDN matches one of the domains registered in your tenant, except *.onmicrosoft.com. Using *.onmicrosoft.com domain names is not supported for the SBC FQDN name. For example, if you have two domain names, contoso.com and contoso.onmicrosoft.com, you can use sbc.contoso.con for the SBC name. If you try to connect the SBC with a name such as sbc.contoso.abc, the system won’t let you, as the domain is not owned by this tenant.

In addition to the domain registered in your tenant, it’s important that there’s a user with that domain and an assigned E3 or E5 license. If not, you’ll receive the following error:

Can not use the “sbc.contoso.com” domain as it was not configured for this tenant.”

The IP address that you need to point the ‘A’ record to should have been sent to you after you first contacted Voice Elements for setting up the Teams Phone Calling plan.  If you don’t have this IP address, please send an email to support@inventivelabs.com.

After you setup the ‘A’ record, you can test the validity of your record by either logging into our web site (customer.voiceelements.com) or simply trying to ping your newly created FQDN.  Note:  You may not get a reply from the ping but when setup correctly you will see that it resolves to the IP address you specified when you created the ‘A’ record.  Also note that after creating the ‘A’ record it often takes up to an hour for it to replicate across the internet depending on your setup.


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