What Are the Deployment Options for Voice Elements?

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What Are the Deployment Options for Voice Elements?

There are two ways to deploy a Voice Elements-based application: on your own server with our HMP Elements SIP Stack (included in our Voice Elements Platform license) or through our Telephony Bank hosting service (with per minute plans available.)

(Option #1)  HMP Elements VoIP SIP Stack

More and more, businesses are looking to deploy their voice applications completely using VoIP, both for ease and cost-efficiency. Released in early 2010, HMP Elements SIP stack maintains the highest call progress analysis (CPA) accuracy in the industry, offering users frustrated with competing products a reliable and powerful platform to perform outbound applications. In addition, HMP Elements can scale very easily, handling anywhere from 2 to hundreds of channels per server. HMP Elements is included in our Voice Elements Platform and is very reasonably priced per port.

(Option #2) Telephony Bank Hosting Service

The Inventive Labs Telephony Bank is a group of resource servers that allow a Voice Elements-based application to run at a customer site with internet access (using the resources remotely) or the complete hosting of your voice solution on this same Inventive Labs’ redundant infrastructure. The Telephony Bank is a simple monthly service based on the resource usage of an application. This service not only provides an easier route to deployment, but also provides piece of mind that all equipment, servers, etc. are fully supported and maintained. If you prefer to deploy your Voice Elements application using our bank of telephony servers and resources, then you simply select an appropriate monthly rate plan.

Voice Elements Server

Note regarding legacy platforms: We still support our customers who have deployed Voice Elements on a server with Dialogic telephony hardware for traditional T1/E1 or analog environments (using a Voice Elements Server license).  However, we no longer provide this option to new customers.

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