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Install Ghostscript for PDF To TIF functionality

In order to fax a PDF, it must first be converted to a TIF format.  To use the PdfToTif method with Voice Elements, install Ghostscript onto your Voice Elements Server.

For more information on Ghostscript, see Wikipedia article Ghostscript or visit the Ghostscript Website.

Download and Install Ghostscript

Download the latest version of GhostScript and install it to the Ghostscript default directory C:\Program Files\gs.

Copy the Ghostscript DLL to the Voice Elements Server Directory

  • Navigate to: C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.32\bin
  • Copy the file gsdll32.dll
  • Navigate to: C:\Program Files\Inventive Labs\Voice Elements Server
  • Paste the file gsdll32.dll into this directory

Running Voice Elements in 64-Bit Mode?

Here’s the work-around:

  • Find the 64-bit Ghostscript and copy gsdll64.dll to the Voice Elements Directory
  • Then copy that file and rename the copy gsdll32.dll.

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