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Yealink T19/T20 Phones


Configuration Settings for Yealink T19/T20 Phones

Start by logging into your phone using a web browser.

Hint: You can find the IP address of the phone by pressing menu, followed by status. (On smaller displays the IP address may scroll, so watch for that.)

Example: If your phone’s IP address is, you would type in your address bar and press enter.

Use your phone’s username and password to log in.

  • After authenticating, press the account tab.
  • Enter into the form the credential information supplied in your welcome email.

Here is an example:

Configure Yealink T19

  • Click on the Advanced Menu Option on the Left.
  • Enable the RPort Option
  • Select RTP Encryption(SRTP) as Compulsory.
  • Press the Confirm Button at the bottom
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