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Beep Detector Strategies

There are two ways one could program the beep detector:

1. On Connect, play the human message. If a beep is detected, quickly play the machine message.


      • Message starts immediately – even sometimes while they are still saying hello
      • Highly accurate – large percentage gets the message
      • Verizon Voice Mail problem SOLVED.


      • There is some small noise recorded on the customer’s answering machine from the play of the human message at the beginning of the machine message.
      • If the beep detector doesn’t catch the beep, the first part of the message is cut off on the answering machine recording
      • If there is a false beep detected, the message would start over.

2. Use Call Progress Analysis. If Human – play message waiting for beep. If Machine – wait for 3 seconds of silence or start on beep.


      • No Artifacting
      • On inaccurate Human detected – beep saves the day (Artifacting would be present)
      • Verizon Voice Mail problem SOLVED.


      • On human, if false beep detected – Message would stop and machine message would play.


Beep Detector Result Analysis


Beep Detected AccurateBeep Detected InaccurateNo Beep AccurateNo Beep Inaccurate
Human AccurateN/AThis is bad. The message would be interrupted and the machine message would start playing.PerfectN/A
Human InaccurateGood. The machine message would play. May be some short artifacting.N/AN/ABad. The message would not be recorded correctly on the machine.
Machine AccuratePerfect.N/AN/AThe message would start after 3 seconds of silence. May be a problem on Verizon Voice Mail.
Machine InaccurateN/AIf the human message had started after 3 seconds of silence, then the message would be restarted.The human message would start after 3 seconds of silence. The user might have hung up by then.N/A



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