Beep Detector Strategies

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Beep Detector Strategies

If you need to improve your call progress, consider what we’ve been able to accomplish with the Voice Elements Beep Detector.

Voice Elements Beep Detector

Traditional Call Progress detection is limited, because it relies on the first couple of seconds of audio to determine if what picked up the phone was a human or an answering machine. The Voice Elements Beep Detector analyzes much longer amounts of audio listening for a beep. If a beep is “heard”, you can be certain that it was a machine.

Alternatively, you can be relatively certain that if no beep was detected that it was a human that answered the call. In our testing, we found that the Beep Detector was 98.5% accurate in detecting beeps. By comparison, the most finely tuned Call Progress engines reach only about 90% accuracy.

Two Strategies for Beep Detection

There are two ways one could program the beep detector:

1. On Connect, play the human message. If a beep is detected, quickly play the machine message.


      • Message starts immediately – even sometimes while they are still saying hello
      • Highly accurate – large percentage gets the message
      • Verizon Voice Mail problem SOLVED.


      • There is some small noise recorded on the customer’s answering machine from the play of the human message at the beginning of the machine message.
      • If the beep detector doesn’t catch the beep, the first part of the message is cut off on the answering machine recording
      • If there is a false beep detected, the message would start over.

2. Use Call Progress Analysis. If Human – play message waiting for beep. If Machine – wait for 3 seconds of silence or start on beep.


      • No Artifacting
      • On inaccurate Human detected – beep saves the day (Artifacting would be present)
      • Verizon Voice Mail problem SOLVED.


      • On human, if false beep detected – Message would stop and machine message would play.

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