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Why does Voice Elements SIP Platform Time Out When Starting Up?

We sign our Voice Elements Platform (HMP Elements) executable. This means that when you start it up, Microsoft tries to verify the signature with our certificate authority. However, sometimes this can take longer than the time allotted to a service to start up, so Windows may cancel the service startup. There are two options you have

To fix this issue, we recommend changing the default timeout time to 120 seconds from 30 seconds.

Changing the Default Timeout

Option 1:

Direct .NET to ignore validating the certificate with the CA. To do this, you can modify the VoiceElementsServer.exe.config and HmpElementsServer.exe.config and add this setting just before the closing configuration tag:

    <generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false"/>

Option 2:

Extend the amount of time that Windows has before a service times out: Open up the Registry Editor by opening “RegEdit” from the command line, and browse to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control

From the details pane look for an entry named “ServicesPipeTimeout”. If it does not exist, then you should create it. You can do this by right clicking and selecting “New DWORD” in the details pain. Give it the name “ServicesPipeTimeout”

Once it’s created, right-click the ServicesPipeTimeout entry and then click “Modify”.

Click Decimal, enter the new timeout value in milliseconds. We prefer 120000 (120 seconds), and then click OK.

Restart the server.

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