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Mobile Elements

Getting Started

Brief Overview

Mobile Elements is a VoIP mobile application which runs on Android, iOS and Universal Windows platforms. This application has been built using Xamarin forms cross platform development environment which is a built-in feature in Visual Studio. The Mobile Elements application supports outbound and inbound calling facility using the Voice Elements server platform. Some screenshots of application pages in Android target platform is shown below.

SplashScreen.png                             Login.png                             TabbedPageMainPage.png                             Recentcall.png                             Settings.png                             Dialing a number.png









The Splash Screen                  The Login Page                      The Main Page With Tabs      The Recent Call Page             The Setting Page                    Dialing a number for Outbound Call

What do you need

You’ll want to contact and let them know that you are interested in creating a Mobile application.

They will need to give you the following information:

-Username -Password -CustomerId

They will also set you up with an account so that you can connect to our cloud based servers.

How it works

In order to run the application on your devices, you need to do the following steps.

  • Download the Mobile Elements server and client projects from <Link> and open the two solutions in Visual Studio.
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