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Test Speech Recognition with Voice Elements

The Elements Dashboard includes a wizard to help you configure Speech Recognition to use with Voice Elements Platform. Below are the instructions to do so:

1) Open up Elements Dashboard and click “Install Speech Engine”:


2) Click the appropriate link (either the 64 or 32 bit speech engine). You will want to install the same bit level as Voice Elements. For example, if you are running 64 bit Voice Elements, you would want to click the “64 bit Microsoft Speech Platform” link.


3) Once you download it, you will need to install the Microsoft Speech Platform.

4) Click “Next”

5) Select the appropriate language / culture. For example, if you are based in the UK, so you would want to click “UK English”. If you are based in the US, you would want to select “US English”. You should select whichever culture / language that callers will be using.


6) Install the speech language / culture, and click “Refresh”

7) Select the appropriate language and click “Finish”

8) Click “Stop” on the Icons next to Voice Elements / HMP Elements. Then click “Start” to start them up again. This should cause the Speech Recognition engine to be recognized.


Once you have the Microsoft Speech Platform installed, and have configured it to work with Voice Elements (what you’ve done in the above steps). You’ll want to test it. To do that you will need to do the following:

1) Click “Start Phone” in Elements Dashboard. This will start up an instance of MicroSIP, which is a soft phone that you can use to test the functionality of Voice Elements locally. Please note that it’s easy to get connected to your own SIP carrier, or gateway. Contact if you’d like help with this.

2) Click “Start Sampler” in Elements Dashboard. This should open up the Sampler application.

3) Select “Speech Recognition” from the dropdown. This means, that when you call in, it will use the code from the Speech Recognition Sample. You will also want to select the “Speech Recognition Sample” so you can familiarize yourself with the code.


4) Place a call using MicroSIP. You should be able to enter any number (such as “1234”). You should then listen and use your Microphone to test the functionality.


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