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Voice Elements Developer Toolkit

Voice Elements is a software tool that brings telephony to the wider development community of [ Microsoft .NET]. The tool enables .NET developers to develop IVRs, conference bridges, dialers, call centers, gateways or any telephony application. Supporting all .NET languages, such as [ VB.NET] and [ C#], Voice Elements includes pre-made voice application modules, sample code tutorials, and reporting features such as call monitoring and logging.

The standard Voice Elements Toolkit opens up the .NET architecture for telephony. A typical Visual Studio developer can easily learn the Voice Elements classes and create voice applications. Connection to all of the voice resources that a .NET application requires can be accomplished with the Voice Elements Server or the [ Telephony Bank].

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to [ test drive Voice Elements] today!


Integrated With Visual Studio

The Voice Elements Developer Toolkit integrates directly into [ Microsoft Visual Studio] 2005 and 2008 to allow telephony applications to be built in a familiar environment, with commonly understood syntax. It also leverages the advantages of all features of these Microsoft development environments, like [ Intellisense]. It also allows telephony to be easily added to your existing .NET or web applications.

[[Image:VSScreenShot1024.jpg|thumb|250px|Screenshot of Voice Elements in Visual Studio]]

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