Multiple SIP Carriers on HMP Elements

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Multiple SIP Carriers on HMP Elements

Inbound Calls

HMP Elements is set up to listen for SIP traffic on the given SIP port (usually port 5060). It will respond to any traffic that is sent to it. This means that if you have multiple inbound carriers, HMP Elements is capable of answering phone calls from all of them.

Outbound Calls

HMP Elements can make calls to multiple SIP carriers as well. However, because you may only have one default carrier. This means that if you would like to place calls to different carriers, you will need to specify the IP address in your dial string. For example, if you wanted to dial 1234, and your SIP carrier that you wanted to dial out on was, you would dial 1234@ to instruct HMP Elements which carrier you would like to send the call to.

It’s also worth noting that our product Border Elements allows you to set up multiple carriers and define different outbound routes.

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