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Support Policy

Inventive Labs desires to offer excellent technical support of our products. In order to keep the prices of our products reasonable, we have implemented the following policies:

Our Self-Help Resources

Our documentation is full of many resources and discussion topics to assist you.  Give these resources a try:

What is ALWAYS Included with Support

  • Bug Fixes – any issue that is determined to be a bug in our software will always be fixed free of charge.
  • Upgrades – Updates and enhancements that we have made to our software are included if you are current on you support payments.
  • Licensing – We will help you resolve issues related to the licensing of our products. If you have special licensing requirements (such as FIPS), additional charges may apply.
  • Installation – We will help you resolve any issue related to installing our product. (subject to the limitations below)
  • Connection to our (Inventive Labs) SIP Trunking Service – We will help you test your system by assisting you in connecting to us acting as your SIP Trunking carrier. We will point you to our documentation on how to change the configuration to point to your own SIP trunking carrier, but if you need our assistance in doing so, it comes as a separate charge.
  • E-mail and telephone support: Support includes e-mail and telephone support during normal business hours (9am – 5pm US Mountain Time) that directly relates to the operation of the product that you have purchased. This includes problems or bugs within the software. It does not include supporting your specific application or use of the product.
    • Samples: If you have questions on how to implement something, we can refer you to one of our samples and are happy to point out how to do it. However, we will be unable to develop code or to review your specific code as part of our standard support.
    • Troubleshooting Problems: Since our products are designed to simplify the programming of an otherwise complex set of telephony system functions, while taking into account various hardware and system platforms, a problem can arise when your application starts to misbehave. Is it a HMP Elements SIP Stack problem, a Voice Elements problem, an application problem, an operating system problem, or a hardware problem?
    • One way to avoid being charged additional support fees would be to submit a very simple “test” program demonstrating the problem. We can then quickly determine where the problem lies.

What is NOT Included with Support

  • Hardware Support – support for your server hardware, windows OS issues, configuration of gateways or network appliances is not included.
  • Configuring PRI or T1 lines – support for connecting to telephone carriers or PBX’s is an extra support fee.
  • Configuring SIP Carriers – support for connecting your server to a SIP trunking carrier or PBX is an extra support fee.
  • After hours Support – if you need us on holidays, weekends, or after hours we will need to quote you for our services. Our normal business hours are 9am – 5pm Mountain time. (Denver, Colorado)
  • Writing or Debugging your code
  • Custom Enhancements to the product
  • Configuring of your Dialogic Hardware or Software – Dialogic hardware or software is NOT REQUIRED to run Voice Elements. Voice Elements Platform has all the VoIP technology built into the toolkit (SIP,RTP, HMP, Media). Some customers still choose to run Dialogic so any installation, configuration or settings of your Dialogic board or software is not included with support. We can attempt to help you for an additional fee, but please be aware we no longer have a relationship with Dialogic support. WE DO NOT support Dialogic under a virtual machine (VM) or a 64-bit OS or any version of Windows 2008 or above (Only relates to Dialogic hardware or HMP)

What Do I Get If I Purchase Support?

  • One Year Support: Full one year support is primarily focused on providing upgrades to the version of the server and toolkit that you have purchased. You could look at this as “upgrade insurance”. Within the year, you are entitled to receive free updates to any fixes or enhancements that we have made.
  • Email and telephone Support – as outlined above
  • Support Call Examples:
    • You call to ask us to help you get better call results on determining HUMAN or MACHINE. Our normal support will point you to some web pages and to our samples for how to do that. We can also describe to you our experience in the many dialer applications that we have written for clients (which are many). Any further help with this problem would be seen as in addition to our normal support.
    • Let’s say Voice Elements doesn’t have a particular feature that you require. This would be quoted to you and implemented at an extra cost. Any requested enhancements to the toolkit will always remain the intellectual property of Inventive Labs and will be included in the next release.

What does Support Cost?

Voice Elements Platform

The following Annual cost applies FOR EACH SERVER installation. The cost for support is 20% of the published list price for the product that you purchased.

If you pay for your license under the Per Month Option, support is included at no additional charge.

Licenses purchased under the One Time Fee option are required to include a one-year support enrollment at an additional cost of 20% of the license price.  (For example, a 4 Port License under the One Time Fee option costs $999, with an additional 1-year support enrollment cost of $199.80. At the end of the initial enrollment period, you may renew support for $199.80 annually.)

Please see our Pricing Plans for more information about Premise Pricing.

Legacy CTI32 software

We continue to support our existing customers who use our legacy CTI32 software.  CTI32 software is no longer available for purchase, however our support packages are still available and we are happy to help meet your maintenance needs.

Legacy CTI32 Support Packages

    • 4 port version – $295
    • Unlimited per server version – $995
    • Source code version – $1995

Additional Support Costs

When you contact us, we can help. However, if it turns out to not be a problem with our product, we will let you know that it is outside of normal support, and to proceed further, we would need to charge you for our time. Our normal rate is $150 USD per hour.

Support Reinstatement Fee

When support has expired longer than 90 days, an additional 10% reinstatement fee will be added to the support renewal cost.

Consulting Charges Per Incident

We are always available for consulting – which we can do by the hour or by the job. We also have a “per incident” charge of $495 for certain items such helping you set up new T1/E1/PRI phone lines or VoIP (SIP) carrier connections.

Professional Services Available

In addition to answering questions about Voice Elements, we also offer Professional Services which can be quoted on a case by case basis. If you need help developing your telephony application, don’t hesitate to come to us. With resources possessing vast experience in telephony design, development and deployment, we can help you a little or a lot. You decide. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Design and best practices for your specific application.
  • Guidance on the right interfaces and technology for the features, call volume and TCO for the life of your system.
  • Review of design, code or usability.
  • End to end development of your IVR, dialer, and telephony application.
  • Projects are quoted on a case by case basis. Contact us to talk about your needs and how we can help:

More Questions?

For details, discounts and any questions about our products and support, email us at

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to test drive Voice Elements today!

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