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Sample Solution Tutorials

When you sign up for your 30-day demo account, you have access to our Sample Solutions which let you really give Voice Elements a test drive.  Each of these Sample Solutions is explained in the tutorials below.

These tutorials provide important information about each sample and explain the available options and settings in detail.  Additionally, the C# code provided gives you the perfect head start so you can hit the ground running.

Use the 100 free minutes provided with your demo to develop and test your application.  Then convert to an On-Premise production account or sign up for our Cloud Services and launch your product.  Our support staff can assist with hurdles you might come across.

Here is an explanation of what each Sample Solution Tutorial covers:


    • Getting Started:  If you have not used Voice Elements yet, we recommend starting with the Getting Started tutorial. This tutorial will teach you basic Programmable Voice and SMS.
    • IVR with Transfer: This tutorial explains how to do Call Routing with Voice Elements.
    • Dialer:  This tutorial will teach you how to make Multiple Outbound Phone Calls at a time.
    • Speech Recognition:  Learn how to use Voice Recognition functionality with Voice Elements.
    • Faxing:  This tutorial explains how to Send and Receive Faxes using Voice Elements.
    • Conferencing:  Learn all about the basics of Conference Calls with some helpful added features.
    • Amazon Lex BOT:   This tutorial shows how Voice Elements easily interfaces with Amazon Lex.


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