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Install Your Application as a Service

Each of the sample solutions we have provided for you in our customer portal can also be installed and run as a service.

Voice Elements Customer Portal - Sample Solutions and Tutorials

Voice Elements Customer Portal – Sample Solutions and Tutorials


Each solution implements the .NET System.Configuration.Install Installer class and overrides its Install and Uninstall methods.  This allows the application to be easily installed as a service using any of several methods.  These include using InstallUtil.exe (included with Microsoft Visual Studio) or the New-Service PowerShell applet.


Use InstallUtil.exe

To use InstallUtil.exe, run the following from the Windows command prompt (this assumes your application is in C:\Getting Started\):

C:\Getting Started\InstallUtil.exe VoiceApp.exe


Use PowerShell Applet

Or, if you are using PowerShell:

PS C:\Getting Started\New-Service -Name "IvrService" -BinaryPathName "C:\Getting Started\VoiceApp.exe"

The application checks at runtime to see if it’s being run interactively; if so, it displays its form and runs as a user application.

However, if it is running under services.exe, it immediately instantiates its main class and begins execution.  This allows a single executable to be used for both environments during testing.

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