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Support Program


Software Maintenance Support Program


How Much Does Support Cost?

Support is included with our cloud-based service. For specifics, please see Cloud Based Pricing.

Support costs 20% of the published price of our licensing fees for one-year enrollment. Please see On Premise Pricing for additional details.

What Are the Benefits of Having Support?

  • One Year Support: Your license purchase includes one full year of support.  Support during this time is useful as you begin development and implementation of your product. You receive upgrades to the version of the server and toolkit that you have purchased. You could look at this as “upgrade insurance”. Within the year, you are entitled to receive free updates to any fixes or enhancements that we have made.
  • Annual Support Renewal:  Following your initial year of support, you may find it very helpful to continue your support enrollment and renew for subsequent years. Continued access to software upgrades and enhancements can be helpful as you continue your product development.
  • Email and telephone Support – as outlined above
  • Support Call Examples:
    • You call to ask us to help you get better call results on determining HUMAN or MACHINE. Our normal support will point you to some web pages and to our samples for how to do that. We can also describe to you our experience in the many dialer applications that we have written for clients (which are many). Any further help with this problem would be seen as in addition to our normal support.
    • Let’s say Voice Elements doesn’t have a particular feature that you require. This would be quoted to you and implemented at an extra cost. Any requested enhancements to Voice Elements will always remain the intellectual property of Inventive Labs and will be included in the next release.

If your support enrollment has lapsed, you may renew your enrollment at any time.  Just contact Support and we’ll get you re-enrolled.

Please refer to our Support Policy for all the details.

Experienced .NET Developers

Our support engineers are experienced .NET developers that use Voice Elements on a daily basis. We are here to support you and answer your questions, often within minutes. Just email Support and we’ll discuss your issue and how to help.

Self-Help Resources Available at Any Time

While enrollment in our Support Program is required for software upgrades, email and telephone support, we also provide reference resources available to you at any time that do not require a current enrollment.


We have created extensive Documentation of our Voice Elements Platform available to you at any time on our website. Over the decades, we have experienced so many ways Voice Elements can be implemented in various enterprises and we share these insights in our explanations, code samples and tips.

Voice Elements Developer Help Site

Browse the Voice Elements Developer Help Site to become familiar with our Class Definitions. We support all .NET languages and a typical Visual Studio Developer can easily learn the Voice Elements Classes. This site is available at any time for your reference.

We’re Here to Help

If you have a question or cannot find your answer within our available resources, then please contact us:  Email Support or call 1-866-923-5290.


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