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Author’s note:  This article supports our legacy products.  At Inventive Labs, after two decades of providing telephony tools, we never stop supporting those who rely on our products to run their businesses.  We no longer recommend Dialogic. This article is for our customers who are using legacy equipment. For more information about these legacy products and where we are today, read  Ditch Dialogic & Convert to Voice Elements.

CTI32 Telephony Toolkit

The Inventive Labs CTI32 Telephony Tool Kit is designed for assisting developers in the rapid deployment of telephony applications. This is a legacy product that is still supported by Inventive Labs. A new customer would want to use our Voice Elements Platform.

CTI32 traditionally in the past have run on Dialogic boards and HMP software. Many of our customers have abandoned Dialogic and opted for our own HMP Elements SIP stack.

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