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Getting Started with Voice Elements


What is Voice Elements?

Voice Elements is a software tool that brings telephony to the wider development community of Microsoft .NET.  Our tool enables .NET developers to develop IVRs, conference bridges, dialers, call centers, gateways or any telephony application. Supporting all .NET languages, such as VB.NET and C#, Voice Elements includes pre-made voice application modules, sample code tutorials, and reporting features such as call monitoring and logging.

The standard Voice Elements toolkit opens up the .NET architecture for telephony.  A typical Visual Studio developer can easily learn the Voice Elements classes and create voice applications. Connection to all of the voice resources that a .NET application requires can be accomplished via our Cloud Servers or at your own premise.


Where Do I Download Voice Elements?

The first step is to create your free Voice Elements account.  This allows us to provision a phone number to you for testing and provides a demo account in our customer portal.



Voice Elements Demo: In the Cloud or On-Premise

Voice Elements Demo is an excellent guide to walk you through the setup of the Voice Elements Client.

Use our Cloud Servers to Get Started

We will provision a testing phone number to your account with 100 minutes to use on the Inventive Labs Telephony Bank.  Use our sample code as the foundation for your application and experiment with all the options!

Ready to Deploy On-Premise?

Once you have explored the demo solutions using our cloud server, you are welcome to demo our premise-based software.  We will issue a demo license for you to use to test your application. For an introduction to our premise-based software, please see the articles in our Premise Guide.

Ready for Production?

When you are ready for production, contact Support to activate your Cloud Services or purchase your Production License.  Our Pricing page details all the options available to you.

Premise licenses can be paid for on a subscription basis or purchased outright. Our Support Team can help guide you in determining what type of license would be a good fit for your organization and how many ports your application might need.


Connect to your SIP Carrier

You may connect to your own SIP carrier during your demo period if you wish.  Use this tutorial, How do I connect to my SIP Carrier, for information on how to configure Voice Elements to work with your SIP Carrier.



We’re here to help you find solutions.  Let us know how we can lend a hand.

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